Deadly Bombs Rock Boston Marathon



Today in Boston a horrific bombing took place killing 2, one was an 8 yr old child, and injuring over 134 people, including 8 children according to Boston-area hospitals  & Boston law enforcement officials.

Today was Patriots Day in Boston. Patriots Day is a celebration & holiday every 3rd Monday of April commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. These were the first battles of the American Revolutionary War or as many know it The Shot Heard Round The World.  It was the end of a great family weekend for families that unfortunately turned tragic.

At approximately 2:45pm 2 bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon by the finish line blowing out building windows, knocking down runners who were finishing up the race (winners crossed the finish line 2 hours earlier)  killing 2 and injuring over 134 spectators including 8 children, marring an otherwise beautiful day in Boston. Some of the injury reports range from everything of missing limbs to just some bumps & bruises.

At this time No suspects are in custody in the Boston Bombing. No one has claimed responsibility at this time. CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen says today’s Boston Marathon explosions could have been done by al Qaeda terrorists or right-wing extremists. But there is no evidence at this time to substantiate his claims.

Doctors at area Boston Hospitals according to CNN are saying they are pulling out ball bearings from the injured and that at least 10 people have lost limbs. Leading officials to believe that these bombs were just crude homemade devises and 2 other devises were found and safely removed.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims of the horrific bombing everyone in Boston at this time. Please if you are in Boston please be safe and stay inside and don’t impede the police and rescue workers at this time until an all clear is issued by authorities. All Cell phone service is under heavy traffic and they are asking people to please be patient trying to check on your friends and family.

Families looking for loved ones in Boston can use Google’s People Finder: or  if any of you are seeking news on loved ones in that area, friends from Boston Call 617-635-4500 Mayor’s hotline to locate missing people. 1-800-494-tips if you have any clues to the people behind the attacks.

You may also follow the Boston Police, Fire and EMS Live Audio Feed

At this time we ask you all to keep the victims in your thoughts and prayers and to please keep calm during this time. Panic does not help anyone and we want you all to remain safe.


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