REVIEW : Open Jam At Ka’tiki Hosted By Josephine’s Machine

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The beaches & bars along  Treasure Island & St. Petersburg, Florida on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico have always offered fun in the sun, kool drinks, beautiful sunsets & great music. Everything from one pieces to full bands belting out the the tunes and getting the people to dance & have a great time. 

Ka’Tiki in Sunset Beach, Florida is no different. This great beach bar at  8803 W Gulf  Blvd, Sunset Beach FL offer great music, cold drinks at great prices & offer some of the most spectacular sunsets imaginable. They are also home to one of the longest Open Jam Sessions on the beach. 


Over the years the Jam has been run by many great musicians who have passed the torch on the others who have proudly kept this fine tradition going. The current torch holder is Josephine’s Machine who are comprised of Josephine Carter (Bass), her husband Steven Carter (Guitar) & John Spinelli (Drums) and I have to say they do a great job here keeping the tradition alive. 


Josephine is always smiling & laughing, mingling with the crowd & fellow musicians. They make sure everyone gets up there on stage who comes down to play and you never know who will show up. Not to mention the caliber of talent that she gets to show up. They offer a full backline for everyone so you can just show up with your guitars & basses. John Spinelli is gracious enough to let drummers use his kit which is nice to see.

Some of the musicians who have graced the Ka’Tiki Jam have been Jerry LeBloch of Rare Earth, Phil Stokes of Pure Prairie League, Charlie Souza of The New Rascals, John Blackwell of Prince, Jaybo Key of  Bruce Springsteen and lets not forget some of the great local talent like Ed Wagner, Ellie Lee, The Fabulous Deltonas, Sunza Beaches, The Water Walkers, Carianne Finney, Wendy LaForce, Richie Vee, Steve Gioe and the list goes on. 

The music ranges from good old 50’s Beach tunes to the great classic rock we all love, not to mention some great Blues tunes. So it is very diversified and the musicians all get together and just play great music sets that gets the crowd up on their feet dancing the night away. 


The manager John is great as well as the rest of the staff, like Cindy the bartender, at Ka’Tiki who always make sure all the customers are happy, enjoying themselves and have a nice ICE COLD beverage for them to enjoy. 

Our Radio Station WSNR/ Social Network Radio even does LIVE broadcasts to the world from there so everyone who cant make it can catch it on our station and hear the great music from the area. 

OVERALL REVIEW : Its A 10. Great place to come relax and enjoy great music. 



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