REVIEW : Debut of Blues Jam at Clock Tower Sports Bar & Grill


All I can say is WOW !!! What a debut !!! You talk about hitting a home run well they did it folks. I have been to many Open Jams over the years but to me this one was special to say the least. 

But before I tell you about the Jam let me first tell you about the location. The Clock Tower Sports Bar located at 145 107th Ave in Treasure Island, Florida was formerly Dukes & before that WaHoo’s but now is under new ownership & management and they have done a great job with the place.

The owner Charlie McMurran & manager Jackie have done a fabulous job in turning the place into somewhere you can come to and really enjoy yourself. Fine food, great staff, great entertainment, great prices and a great atmosphere to really have fun. 

The daily food specials are something everyone can afford at $3.95 ranging from Meatloaf w/mashed potatoes and gravy, to quarter pound hotdogs & half pound burgers. Everyday a new special and their regular menu has lots of great choices all at very reasonable prices & it tastes great, So YUMMY !!! 

Oh yeah almost forgot my favorite on Friday & Saturday the 10 ounce Prime Rib Dinner from 5 pm til gone for only $10.95 and yes it is to die for. I missed getting mine on Friday as I was told the last one was sold and come to find out it was a friend of mine Carlos, one Treasure Island’s Finest, I hope he liked it cause I have to wait til this weekend now to get mine LOL. 

The Clock Tower has plenty of seating from booths to tables and yes even an outdoor patio that serves up LIVE entertainment starting around 5pm followed by some great LIVE entertainment at night inside to get you through the night. 


They also have lots of HD TV’s so serve up all your favorite sports and entertainment as well as a large dance floor & stage for the bands, pool, darts, bartop video games & even one of my favorites BuzzTime TV Trivia where you can go up against each other as well as other locations around the area & states to see who is Mr or Mrs Trivia. So yes they have a bit of everything and the drinks prices are really good not expensive at all and all you non smokers will love it as there is no smoking inside. 

So in my opinion this is a place you definitely have to check out. They really treat you well here. Now on to the review of the Open Blues Jam.

This was the debut of the Blues Jam here at Clock Tower and if last night was any indication this is gonna become a fixture here every Sunday nite at 7pm till 11pm. It is hosted by a couple members of the Blue Lightning Band, JT on drums, Joe Ish guitar vox, and they did a great job. They kept things running at a great pace and let everyone who came down to jam play and there was some GREAT talent there last night. 

You had The Blues Lighting Band, Ed Wagner, KSue Loveastay Drumastay, Bernie Couture, Josephine & Steve Carter of Josephine’s Machine, Jerry LeBloch from Rare Earth, Steve Smith, Chris Gomez, Bill Mclees, a harmonica player who I never got his name but was amazing, SORRY & Ellie Lee & Blues Fury Band just to name a few of the players. 

I was simply amazed at the really great talent that was here and the music was just phenomenal. They all got up there and were professional, tight and played like they have been playing together for years as a group. No ego’s just great Blues music. 

The song selections were great. They played music you never hear a regular band play in the clubs around town. People were dancing, eating and having such a great time. 

The highlight of the night had to be Ellie Lee & Blues Fury comprised of Ellie Lee on guitar, Phil Stokes of Pure Prairie League & Southern Rocks Finest on bass & Jerry Hale on drums. They absolutely stole the show, Miss Ellie Lee has got to be one of the most naturally gifted guitarists I have ever heard or seen in my life and I have seen all the great ones live Clapton, Page, Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan and so on. 


Ellie Lee was blessed by the Guitar Gods. All the greats would love to have her fill in for them or play with her. YES !!! SHE IS THAT GOOD !!! The crowd was absolutely mesmerized by her and when she played “A Day In The Life” the crowd was sitting there with their mouths open. Jeff Beck would of came over and laid his guitar at her feet as she blew him out of the water. Phil Stokes & Jerry Hale were on there A Game as well they played perfectly. You couldn’t of asked for a better performance and they really delivered. This a band that needs to get a record deal NOW. 

 To be honest all the musicians seemed to bring it last night. I was proud to of been there to witness the magic last night. This Jam is going to be happening every Sunday Night at 7pm til 11pm so if you missed this one don’t worry more magical nights will be coming every week. I suggest if you are a musician and you want to jam you get there early and if you just want to see some of the best BLUES in the state then I say get there early as well because the place was packed and from all indications it will be packed for a VERY LONG TIME.

OVERALL REVIEW : A PURE 10 !!!  A Must Go To Event !!! 



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